Please read this thoroughly before adding this account! This account is pretty much a vent/comfort account, so I will be twice as picky on adding and I do unfriend people here. I don't unfriend people on my main so don't get the wrong idea and take it personally if I don't accept you here!

Here's a list of stuff I rather avoid, so please don't add this account if you do this frequently! I also won't unfriend you on my main accounts if you do these, don't worry!

I'll also still interact with you even though I don't have you added, just to reassure that I have nothing against you! It's just that I'll limit adding people on here.

If you only want to follow my art, please follow this account instead, it's where I put my art!


My vent account isn't exactly a place to vent out bad thoughts and anything. In fact, it's a shitpost account 2.0 but I just want this account to be more flexible of being myself than usual. Here are the basic requirements to add this account:
Must at least had conversations with me.Must share 3 or more interests with me.Must not deactivate a lot without precaution. (Personally it kinda affects my mood especially if we're close)Must not be unironically racist, pedo, bigoted, etc.Must not be an extreme fujoshi.


I am uncomfortable seeing uncensored sexual NSFW and hentai doujin/anime caps. I can take word jokes, but if you often share images about it, it will make me uncomfortable especially I go around public places a lot and I also have added me IRL friends here. If you're literally obsessed with hentai doujins and share a lot of NSFW posts, please don't add me.

IF you share self-depreciative posts

If you share jokes/posts such as "your friends doesn't care about you", "you are only a second choice" or "you have been chasing what isn't for you" are something I rather not see. They affect my mood a huge lot and when I go into this account, I'm obviously in a bad mood of some sort. I go around this account to cope up. If you often share those kind of posts, please don't add me.

You can get an exclusive pass from this if I added you first, though! It would be just nice if you hide the ones about being a second choice or depreciating talent from me.

If you are an elitist

As I repeatedly stated, this account is solely made so I can be 100% me and happy. Elitism is something I dodge like the gd plague, so if you're the type to invalidate people for something that won't hurt anyone please do not add me.

Examples of those kinda stuff:
You like Love Live? You have shit taste, Idolm@ster is better.That is fake horror, go like a better horror series.This wholesome stuff is disgusting.

Just because I didn't accept your friend request the moment you sent it, doesn't mean I'll never accept it! It just means I need time to reconsider.

If you really need to hit me up about something though, my DMs are always open! Feel free to hit me up and don't be shy about it, that includes inquiries of why I haven't added you yet!

Thank you for reading!


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